Vitamin A deficiency may develop in a person if certain risk factors are present.


Age-related risk for vitamin A deficiency:

(1) infants, especially if premature

(2) small children less than 5 years of age, especially in a developing country


Conditions associated with vitamin A deficiency:

(1) cirrhosis

(2) diet deficient in vitamin A

(2a) breast milk from a woman with low vitamin A

(2b) chronic alcohol intake (poor dietary intake)

(2c) low intake of green vegetables, fruit and dairy products

(2d) failure to take vitamin supplements

(3) fat malabsorption, including abetalipoproteinemia and cystic fibrosis


False positive diagnosis of vitamin A deficiency:

(1) zinc deficiency (may appear to be vitamin A deficient because of depressed plasma concentrations of retinol and retinol binding proteins)


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