A patient undergoing thyroidectomy may have an unplanned readmission or emergency department visit. A number of risk factors may indicate a patient who may benefit from more aggressive management.

Patient selection: thyroidectomy


Reasons for return include:

(1) postoperative hypocalcemia

(2) postoperative hypertension

(3) neck hematoma

(4) respiratory symptoms

(5) surgical site infection


Risk factors for problems within 30 days of surgery include:

(1) older age

(2) thyroid cancer

(3) dependent functional status

(4) higher ASA score (ASA 3 or 4)

(5) diabetes

(6) COPD

(7) corticosteroid therapy

(8) hemodialysis or renal insufficiency

(9) recent weight loss

(10) duration of postoperative stay >= 2 days

(11) difficult thyroidectomy

(12) other significant comorbidities

(13) perioperative complications

(14) malnutrition

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