Infusion of propofol may be associated with the propofol infusion syndrome (PRIS). The risk of PRIS is increased if certain factors are present.


Risk factors for PRIS:

(1) large dose (> 4 mg/kg/h) for prolonged periods (> 48 hours)

(2) severe obesity (when total body weight used to calculate the propofol dose).

(3) pediatric age group (less than 16 years of age)

(4) acute brain injury (head trauma, neurosurgery, status epilepticus)

(5) low carbohydrate and high fat intake

(6) corticosteroid therapy

(7) vasopressor (cathecholamine) therapy

(8) critical illness

(9) inborn error of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation

(10) history of therapy with a statin

(11) sepsis or severe systemic infection

(12) continued infusion of propofol following onset of PRIS symptoms (failure to discontinue)


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