Therapy with the anti-fungal agent terbinafine (Lamasil) may be associated with taste loss. This is not related to a loss in smell.


Risk factors for taste loss while being treated with terbinafine:

(1) lower body mass index

(2) older age

(3) history of taste loss

(4) diet (low in protein and/or zinc)


Risk based on age is lowest if less than 35 years, intermediate for 35 to 55 years (odds ratio 2-3), and highest if > 55 years (odds ratio 4.4-4.8).


Risk based on body mass index was low if BMI > 27 kg per square meter, intermediate if 21.1 to 27 (odds ratio 2.7-2.9) and highest if < 21.1 (odds ratio 4.4)


Discontinuation of terbinafine therapy is associated with gradual recovery of taste over weeks or months.


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