A pregnant woman may be at risk for stroke during pregnancy is certain factors are present. Some of these may also impact the risk for stroke in the postpartum period.

Risk factors for stroke during a pregnancy:

(1) heart disease (congenital, cardiomyopathy, other)

(2) atrial fibrillation

(3) pre-eclampsia or eclampsia

(4) hypercoagulable state

(5) sickle cell disease or other unstable hemoglobinopathy

(6) paradoxical embolus (patent foramen ovale, other)

(7) vasculitis or autoimmune disorder (SLE, other)

(8) history of migraine headache

(9) smoking

(10) drug abuse

(11) fluid, electrolyte and acid-base disorders

(12) older age (>= 35 years)

(13) diabetes mellitus

(14) Black race

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