A number of conditions may predispose a patient to develop sinusitis.

Classes of conditions:

(1) rhinitis

(2) change in nasal anatomy

(3) immunodeficiency

(4) drug-related

(5) other



(1) allergic rhinitis

(2) nonallergic rhinitis

(3) rhinitis medicamentosa


Change in nasal anatomy:

(1) septal deviation

(2) concha bullosa

(3) paradoxical curvature of the middle turbinate

(4) Haller cells (ethmoid air cells which can project into the medial roof of the maxillary sinus)

(5) abnormality of the ostiomeatal complex



(1) common variable immunodeficiency

(2) IgG deficiency

(3) IgA deficiency

(4) acquired immunodeficiency syndrome



(1) cocaine abuse or other inhalational abuse

(2) aspirin sensitivity (which involves an allergy)



(1) cystic fibrosis

(2) Kartagener syndrome (primary ciliary dyskinesia, situs inversus, male infertility)

(3) Young syndrome (sinopulmonary infection, epididymal obstruction)

(4) secondary ciliary dyskinesia

(5) Churg-Strauss syndrome

(6) sarcoidosis

(7) asthma


Additional factors:

(1) diabetes mellitus

(2) prolonged nasotracheal intubation (a cause of secondary rhinitis)

(3) absolute neutropenia

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