A number of factors may increase the risk of showing self-neglect.

Mental disorders associated with self-neglect:

(1) dementia or other cognitive impairment

(2) depression

(3) substance abuse

(4) anxiety disorders and/or phobia

(5) schizophrenia or other delusional disorder

(6) personality disorder

(7) obsessive-compulsive disorder

(8) delirium

(9) poor coping skills


Other factors:

(1) loss of caregiver

(2) sensory impairment

(3) physical impairment

(4) social isolation (living alone, poor social support)

(5) low education

(6) poverty

(7) adverse life event(s)

(8) fear of losing independence or privacy, or being victimized

(9) medical comorbidities

(10) adverse drug effects

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