A bicycle rider may develop a saddle sore after a long bike ride.



(1) pressure on the skin (analogous to development of a pressure sore or decubitus; pressures while riding may reach 34 kPa or higher, with the risk of skin injury at pressures >= 7 kPa)

(2) abrasion of the skin and skin "burn"

(3) moisture


Risk factors for saddle sore:

(1) bicycle riding in a seated position for several hours

(2) hard, unpadded bicycle seat

(3) unpadded bicycle shorts

(4) ill-fitting bicycle shorts causing abrasion

(5) high load on the bicycle seat (from body weight and/or equipment being carried)

(6) moisture from rain or sweating

(7) novice rider or early in the season

(8) improper positioning of the seat

(9) pre-existing edema or skin irritation in the region (including an early saddle sore)

(10) numbness in the region (early signs of irritation may go unrecognized)



(1) infection

(2) ulceration

(3) pain


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