If rectal prolapse occurs it is important to identify the causative factor(s) both as an aid in prolapse management and for recurrence prevention. Occasionally rectal prolapse may be the presenting finding for a more serious condition.


Risk factors for rectal prolapse:

(1) increased intra-abdominal pressure (straining at stool, straining at urination, protracted coughing, excessive vomiting)

(2) infectious diarrhea

(3) parasitic infections

(4) malabsorption, including celiac sprue

(5) cystic fibrosis

(6) severe malnutrition

(7) rectal tumors

(8) neurologic disorders with weakness of pelvic muscles

(9) Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

(10) congenital hypothyroidism

(11) homosexual activities

(12) exposure to suction sources

(13) Hirschsprung's disease

(14) extensive burns


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