Procrastination can be a problem depending on the conditions of a situation. For some people it is a recurrent problem.

Procrastination involves:

(1) a voluntary choice

(2) a delay or postpone completing a task or meeting specifications

(3) a risk of a negative outcome if the task is not completed by a given time or to a certain specification


Features of the task favoring procrastination:

(1) unpleasant task

(2) alternative tasks more appealing (distraction)


Features of the person favoring procrastination:

(1) self-doubt about ability to succeed

(2) low motivation to succeed

(3) poor organization

(4) poor self-control or self-regulation


Other personal factors with a weak connection:

(1) rebelliousness

(2) adrenaline junky (sensation seeking)

(3) neuroticism, anxiety and/or depression


Features of the system favoring procrastination

(1) poor or weak oversight

(2) excessive workload

(3) dysfunctional reward system

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