A number of conditions may predispose to phosphate nephropathy by promoting precipitation of calcium phosphate in distal renal tubules and collecting ducts.


The patient should have a phosphate load to the kidney, either as hyperphosphatemia or phosphate administration


Risk factors:

(1) inadequate hydration

(2) hypertension and arteriosclerosis

(3) therapy with NSAIDS

(4) therapy with diuretics

(5) therapy with renin-angiotensin inhibitors (reduce renal perfusion and increase bicarbonateuria)

(6) heart failure

(7) cirrhosis

(8) female gender

(9) pre-existing renal impairment (associated with impaired phosphate excretion)

(10) bowel obstruction or increased bowel transit time following oral phosphate load

(11) older age (>= 58 years of age)


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