Not only the mother but also the father may experience depression following the birth of a child. A number of factors can help identify a man who may be at risk and who may benefit from early intervention.


NOTE: Depression may have an early (soon after birth) or late onset (up to a year or more). Failure to monitor the father over time may fail to detect the mood disorder.


Risk factors:

(1) personal history of depression

(2) significant depression in the spouse (mother)

(3) poor relationship with spouse

(4) poor relationship with one or both parents

(5) nonstandard family (unmarried, stepfather, etc.)

(6) poor social functioning or high level of neuroticism

(7) economic problems and/or limited resources with stress (blue collar worker, etc.)



• I am not sure if a history of postpartum paternal depression would increase the risk.


total number of risk factors =

= SUM(number of factors present)



• minimum number of risk factors: 0

• maximum number of risk factors: 7

• The more risk factors that are present the greater the chances of becoming depressed.


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