Mesenteric venous thrombosis may occur if one or more risk factors is present.


Risk factors for thrombosis in a mesenteric vein:

(1) hypercoagulable state

(2) portal hypertension

(3) intra-abdominal inflammatory condition

(4) blunt abdominal trauma

(5) post-splenectomy

(6) other post-operative state

(7) decompression sickness


Hypercoagulable state:

(1) protein S or C deficiency

(2) antithrombin III deficiency

(3) oral contraceptive therapy (in a female)

(4) pregnancy (in a female)

(5) polycythemia vera or thrombocythemia

(6) malignant disease

(7) Factor 5 Leiden

(8) prothrombin G20210A

(9) antiphospholipid syndrome

(10) other


Portal hypertension:

(1) congestive splenomegaly

(2) cirrhosis

(3) after sclerotherapy of esophageal varices


Intra-abdominal inflammatory condition:

(1) acute peritonitis

(2) acute pancreatitis

(3) inflammatory bowel disease

(4) intra-abdominal or pelvic abscess

(5) acute diverticulitis


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