A patient may develop laryngeal edema following tracheal intubation, especially if certain risk factors are present.


Risk factors for laryngeal edema associated with tracheal intubation:

(1) pediatric patient, especially <= 4 years of age

(2) tight-fitting endotracheal tube

(3) repeated attempts at intubation

(4) traumatic intubation

(5) prolonged intubation

(6) use of an endotracheal tube with a high pressure, low volume cuff

(7) patient coughing, bucking or moving during the intubation

(8) patient coughing, bucking or moving while intubated

(9) presence of infectious croup or upper respiratory tract infection

(10) history of laryngeal edema following intubation

(11) trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome)

(12) surgery on the neck or airway

(13) repositioning the head while intubated


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