Mountain biking can be fun and exciting but carries a risk for significant injury.


Types of injuries:

(1) vibration-related injuries (neuropathy, retinal detachment, etc.)

(2) collision, with blunt trauma

(3) impalements

(4) falls

(5) head and neck injuries

(6) lightning


Factors increasing the risk of injury:

(1) failure to wear a helmet, gloves and protective clothing

(2) obstructing trees, roots and branches

(3) inappropriate bike for terrain (shock absorbers, tires, brakes, handlebars)

(4) poor bike maintenance

(5) landing from a jump

(6) performing stunts

(7) slick course surface (from mud, running water, rain or wet leaves)

(8) ruts or uneven surface conditions

(9) large and unstable rocks or gravel

(10) drop-offs and ravines

(11) failure to take appropriate precautions during a thunderstorm

(12) unfamiliar or unplanned course (nothing like surprises)


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