Parkour or freerunning can be fun and exciting, but it can also lead to serious injury. Performance of high risk maneuvers can be high risk.


Parkour (parcours = obstacle course) was developed in France, inspired by the work of Georges Herbert, which was based on observation of Africans in the Congo. A runner performs a variety of acrobatic maneuvers while interacting with features or obstacles in an urban or rural environment. In addition to physical development, "true" practitioners try to achieve spiritual or philosophical goals (altruism, non-competition, etc).


Terms: A male runner is called a traceur and female running is traceuse.


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Injuries may range from simple scrapes to death. Fractures are common.


Risk factors for injury:

(1) not being extremely fit and agile

(2) attempting to increase the complexity of maneuvers

(3) performing maneuvers in a hazardous environment

(4) difficulty with spatial awareness induced by drink, drugs, illness or visual problems


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