Bicycle moto-cross (BMX) involves racing an all-terrain bicycle around an outdoor or indoor track. Most injuries are minor abrasions (or a bruised ego), but fractures, head or cervical spine injury, blunt trauma, impalements and other significant injuries may occur. The risk of injury is affected by a number of factors.


Factors reducing the risk of injury:

(1) not riding on a roadway (indoor or outdoor track)

(2) wearing helmet, goggles and protective clothing

(3) well-maintained bicycles


Factors increasing the risk of injury:

(1) complex racing course

(2) collision with other riders or bicycles, especially when riding in a group

(3) attempting to go fast around a corner

(4) landing from a jump

(5) performing stunts

(6) slick course surface (from mud or dust)

(7) ruts or uneven surface conditions

(8) looking back over the shoulder


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