Hypoxia and ischemia can result in damage to the gray and/or white matter of the brain, resulting in a leukoencephalopathy. The onset of symptoms may be part of the acute episode or delayed.


A condition associated with hypoxic-ischemic leukoencephalopathy usually involves significant depression of both:

(1) oxygenation (with apnea, cyanosis, respiratory depression, etc) AND

(2) circulation.(with hypotension/shock, elevated venous pressure, acidosis, etc)


Conditions associated with hypoxic-ischemia leukoencephalopathy:

(1) carbon monoxide poisoning

(2) submersion with near drowning

(3) cardiopulmonary arrest with delayed resuscitation

(4) complications of surgery and anesthesia

(5) drug overdose, typically with coma

(6) other toxins

(7) anaphylaxis

(8) strangulation (manual, hanging, etc)

(9) seizure disorder


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