A physically active person or athlete may have unexpected hypertensive. This is important to identify since this can impact which activities that the person can participate in.


Racial and genetic factors:

(1) Black race

(2) family history of hypertension

(3) family of premature cardiac disease

(4) male gender


Lifestyle factors:

(1) high levels of stress

(2) high salt intake


Concurrent illness:

(1) drugs associated with hypertension

(2) diabetes mellitus

(3) obesity

(4) renal disease

(5) obstructive sleep apnea


Substance abuse or stimulant issues:

(1) high alcohol intake

(2) use of anabolic steroids

(3) use of cocaine, amphetamines or other illicit drugs

(4) use of sympathomimetic drugs for weight loss or as a decongestant

(5) nicotine abuse


The person should undergo a complete evaluation. If a reversible cause cannot be found then the person may need to receive appropriate drug therapy.


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