The failure to diagnose tuberculosis during pregnancy can have a number of adverse effects on the mother and/or neoate including death.

Risk factors for failure to make the diagnosis:

(1) lack of prenatal care

(2) misdiagnosis of symptoms as pregnancy-related

(3) failure to recognize clinical clues

(4) reluctance to perform a chest X-ray because of radiation exposure

(5) failure to recognize risk a woman at increased risk


Risk factors of a woman having tuberculosis during pregnancy:

(1) household contact with an active case of tuberculosis

(2) living in or emigrating from a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis

(3) working in a mycobacteriology laboratory

(4) living or working in a high-risk setting (prison, homeless shelter, etc)

(4) diabetes

(5) HIV infection

(6) immunosuppressive therapy

(7) substance use disorder

(8) silicosis

(9) history of previous tuberculosis


Clinical clues in a woman with risk factors:

(1) unexplained infertility

(2) other genitourinary symptoms

(3) abnormal chest X-ray

(4) unexplained anemia

(5) preterm labor

(6) intrauterine growth retardation

(7) chronic cough

(8) night sweats

(9) poor weight gain


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