Pediatric-aged pitchers are more likely to develop elbow pain if certain risk factors are present. These factors can help identify players who may benefit from preventive care.


Factors associated with a increased risk of elbow pain:

(1) overuse ( >= 600 pitches per season, play in recreational league as well as formal league)

(2) older age (>= 11 years of age)

(3) poor satisfaction with pitching performance

(4) weight lifting

(5) arm stiffness in the previous game

(6) arm fatigue while pitching

(7) weight > 86 pounds (this may reflect a greater age)

(8) poor biomechanical throwing technique

(9) throwing sliders before age 16

(10) throwing split finger pitches


Factors associated with a decreased risk of elbow pain:

(1) throwing 300-599 pitches per season

(2) throwing change up pitches

(3) observing pitching and rest limits between games

(4) learning proper throwing techniques


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