Certain drugs can cause in hypoglycemia in susceptible patients. The recognition of precipitating factors for hypoglycemia can help select the optimum intervention to reverse the condition.


Underlying conditions predisposing to hypoglycemia:

(1) elderly

(2) acute or chronic liver disease

(3) acute or chronic renal disease

(4) fasting or other decrease in carbohydrate intake

(5) starvation or other cause for reduced carbohydrate stores

(6) toxic exposure with reduced carbohydrate mobilization from stores

(7) recent ethanol abuse

(8) being hospitalized within the past month

(9) endocrine-related hypoglycemia (nesidioblastosis, carcinoid tumor, etc.)


Drug-related risk factors for hypoglycemia:

(1) high daily dose of one or more hypoglycemic agents

(2) taking 2 or more hypoglycemia agents

(3) drug interaction causing increased drug action (decreased excretion, decreased metabolism, decreased protein binding)

(4) failing to reduce dose for reversal in underlying disease causing hyperglycemia


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