Anorexia may occur during drug therapy, especially in a person with predisposing conditions.


Patients with underlying conditions associated with anorexia:

(1) major psychological disorder (depression, psychosis, etc.)

(2) alcoholic or substance abuser

(3) difficulty chewing or swallowing

(4) high levels of emotional stress

(5) elderly

(6) decreased physical activity or problems with mobility

(7) recent radiation therapy

(8) underlying malignancy

(9) chronic infection causing debilitation, including HIV disease

(10) nausea associated with underlying disease

(11) change in sense of smell or taste


Social conditions increasing the risk for anorexia:

(1) poverty

(2) living alone

(3) lack of a caregiver

(4) unable to shop or go out

(5) unable to cook meals


Effects of drugs contributing to anorexia:

(1) nausea and/or vomiting

(2) alteration in taste

(3) central release or decreased reuptake of neurotransmitters


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