Some people who become bald are bothered by it more than others. A person bothered by being bald is more likely to spend considerable resources in hiding or countering the loss of hair.


Risk factors for distress associated with alopecia:

(1) young age (under 30 years of age)

(2) female gender

(3) not being involved in a romantic relationship (possibly related to insecurity about attractiveness)

(4) self-esteem strongly dependent on physical appearance

(5) pre-existing poor self-esteem or psychological distress

(6) livelihood depends on appearance or the need to make a good first impression (salesperson, actor, other)

(7) ridicule from others

(8) belief that alopecia reflects ill health or physical deterioration


A man who is willing to shave his head is less likely to feel much distress.


A person with hair loss and one or more risk factors should be questioned more carefully to determine the person's level of concern and desire for change.


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