The presence of certain risk factors is associated with a greater likelihood of developing the Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS).


Risk factors associated with development of the Post-Polio Syndrome:

(1) greater severity of the poliomyelitis and the resulting paralysis. Patients may have:

(1a) required hospitalization

(1b) had all 4 limbs paralyzed

(1c) required a ventilator

(2) age at the time of onset of the poliomyelitis

(2a) Halstead and Rossi associated it with having polio at an age >= 7 years

(2b) Adolescents and adults tend to have more severe disease than infants and small children, which may partially explain the age-related risk

(3) amount of recovery

(3a) The greater the recovery the more likely PPS will occur (this probably implies having had more severe disease).

(4) excessive exercise or overuse

(5) a period of immobilization after illness, injury or surgery


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