A neonate with a catheter in the umbilical artery or vein is at increased risk for complications if certain factors are present.


Risk factors for complications with an umbilical catheter:

(1) low placement

(2) placement of the catheter into the heart (too high)

(3) technical difficulty in placing the catheter

(4) inexperienced operator

(5) excessive duration of use

(6) failure to recognize a complication promptly (delay in diagnosis)

(7) premature or low birth weight infant (risk for overinsertion)

(8) nonsterile insertion

(9) poor care

(10) hyper or hypocoagulability

(11) multiple congenital malformations

(12) improper labeling or misidentification error

(13) infusion of drugs causing vasospasm or constriction

(14) hyperosmolar infusates

(15) frequent repositioning of the catheter


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