A number of factors related to the rider and cycle can influence the risk of a bicycle accident with injury.


Risk factors for accident and injury based on the rider:

(1) failure to wear a helmet

(2) intoxication

(3) speed excessive for conditions

(4) showing off or performing stunts

(5) ignoring traffic rules (riding on wrong side, failure to stop at signs, others)

(6) hanging onto a moving motor vehicle

(7) extremes of age, especially when riding in traffic (< 12 or >= 70 years)

(8) visual impairment and/or limited visibility

(9) fatigue or inattention

(10) riding in traffic



• A bicycle may be the only means of transportation for an alcoholic who has lost his or her driver's license.


Risk factors related to the bicycle:

(1) poor tires

(2) poor brakes

(3) poor limited light capabilities (no reflector, no light)



• Improper positioning of the seat, handle bar, etc may not cause accidents but can result in a variety of compression and neurologic problems, especially during a long ride.


Other risk factors:

(1) having a person ride on the handlebars

(2) carrying things in the hands or arms

(3) clothing becoming stuck in chain or around the crank


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