Nicholas et al identified risk factors for an adverse outcome for a neonate with an abdominal wall defect. These can help to identify a neonate who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from Washington University in St. Louis.


Abdominal wall defects include:

(1) gastroschisis

(2) omphalocele


Adverse outcomes include:

(1) death

(2) prolonged hospital stay

(3) 3 or more surgical procedures

(4) feeding difficulties

(5) sepsis

(6) gastrointestinal atresia

(7) short gut syndrome


Risk factors for adverse outcomes for an infant with gastroschisis:

(1) intrauterine growth retardation (p value 0.05 with odds ratio 2.7)

(2) hyperperistalsis (p value 0.07 but odds ratio 5)


Risk factors for adverse outcomes for an infant with omphalocele:

(1) exteriorized liver p value 0.03 with odds ratio 7)


The presence of other anomalies was not a significant risk factor for either condition.


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