Bayat et al identified certain risk factors associated with abnormal skin scarring. A patient with one or more factors identified during the clinical history may require further evaluation and steps to reduce scarring after an inciting event. The authors are from Wythenshawe Hospital and the University of Manchester in Manchester, England.


Risk factors associated with abnormal scarring:

(1) positive family history of abnormal scarring

(2) previous history of abnormal scarring in the same or a different site

(3) poor response to interventions to treat scarring

(4) recurrence of scarring

(5) large wound size

(6) prolonged inflammation at wound site

(7) severe symptoms (itching, tenderness, pain, contractures, other)

(8) site at risk for abnormal scarring (sternum, ears, etc.)



• Poor wound healing (associated with malnutrition, steroids, etc.) is a different issue.


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