McAuley et al identified risk factors associated with a periprosthetic knee fracture. These can help identify patients who may require greater care and closer monitoring.


Risk factors:

(1) osteoporosis

(2) drug-induced osteoporosis

(3) senile (old age)

(4) disuse

(5) chronic disease (comorbid conditions)

(6) rheumatoid arthritis

(7) neurologic disorders

(8) revision surgery to knee prosthesis

(9) anterior notching

(10) prosthesis with central peg

(11) malalignment of knee

(12) osteolysis about prosthesis

(13) infection involving prosthesis

(14) malignancy about prosthesis



• Neurologic disease can result in disuse, increased risk of falls, or other events that can result in fracture.


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