A problem with a motor vehicle or its operator may be the direct cause for injury to a bicyclist.


Operator issues:

(1) poor visual acuity (unable to see bicyclist or signage)

(2) slow reaction time (slow thinking or reflexes)

(3) intoxication

(4) anger targeting the bicyclist

(5) distraction (cell phone, talking with passenger, changing radio station, spilling drink, etc.)

(6) failure to give right of way

(7) disregard

(8) passing another vehicle or avoiding a road condition on a blind curve or hill

(9) excessive speed for conditions

(10) loss of control because of a medical condition (acute myocardial infarction, seizure, loss of consciousness, other)


Motor vehicle issues:

(1) obscured visibility due to fog, window frosting, bright sunlight, etc.

(2) blind spot in side and rear views

(3) defective brakes

(4) projecting item (lumber, ladder, side mirror, etc.)

(5) unable to stop or maneuver due to ice, rain, oil, mud,.etc. on the roadway


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