Retraction nystagmus is an uncommon condition that can occur in a number of disorders affecting the region of the midbrain..


Retraction nystagmus involves retraction of the globe when an attempt is made to move the eyes.


It may be seen as an element of the Sylvian aqueduct syndrome (SAS).


Causes of the Sylvian aqueduct syndrome include:

(1) pinealoma

(2) other tumors near the midbrain (midbrain glioma, neurofibromatosis, ependymoma)

(3) tertiary syphilis

(4) hydrocephalus

(5) shunt overdrainage

(6) vascular lesion in the region of the midbrain (arteriovenous malformation)

(7) encephalitis

(8) trauma

(9) multiple sclerosis

(10) congenital

(11) cysticercus cyst

(12) brucellosis


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