Fluid is normally absorbed in the colon. Infusion of fluid into the colon can be used to replace fluid losses when other routes are not available. This is particularly useful for young children in developing countries where resources may be limited.



(1) vomiting or unable to drink

(2) vascular access difficult

(3) sterile infusion solutions not available


Relative contraindications:

(1) diarrhea

(2) severe dehydration



(1) Prepare standard rehydration solution with clean water.

(2) Pass a nasogastric tube per rectum.

(3) Slowly infuse the fluid to replace losses.



• I would imagine that a colonic resection or inflammatory disease might also be relative contraindications.

• The catheter probably should be passed as far as possible.

• This appears to work for mild fluid requirements. Severe dehydration requires intravenous infusion.


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