The use of restraints can be discontinued early if certain criteria are met.


Criteria for early release from restraints:

(1) The treatment or procedure (Foley catheter, IV infusion, mechanical respirator, etc.) associated with the need for restraint is discontinued.

(2) The patient no longer demonstrates assaultive, self-harming or other behavior that made restraint necessary for physical protection.

(3) The patient is less confused and is sufficiently oriented to no longer require restraint for self-protection.


If the same behavior that required the use of restraints before is demonstrated again:

(1) if the time frame of the original order has not lapsed and if alternative methods prove ineffective, then the original order for restraint may be reinstated.

(2) if the time frame of the original order has lapsed, then the physician needs to re-examine the patient and write a new order for restraint if needed.


All of the steps involved should be carefully documented in the medical record.


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