Lilley reported red flags that can help to identify a pediatric patient with Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Early detection can avoid some serious complications.

Red flags for Type 1 diabetes:

(1) personal or family history of an autoimmune disease

(2) vomiting without diarrhea

(3) yeast infections in a prepubertal girl who is not wearing diapers

(4) thrush after infancy

(5) pseudo-asthma (Kussmaul respirations)

(6) blurry vision

(7) elevated blood glucose concentration more than 2 hours after eating

(8) increased frequency of urination

(9) new-onset or worsening of bedwetting

(10) unexplained weight loss

(11) increased thirst

(12) breath that smells like fingernail polish remover (acetone)


The presence of one or more of these findings should trigger an evaluation for possible Type 1 diabetes.

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