Reduced fluid intake with dehydration favors development of constipation in paralyzed or seriously ill patients. Keeping the patient well-hydrated can help maintain the optimum stool consistency.


General recommendation: Fluid intake should be about 500 mL greater than the standard amount recommended for a healthy person of the same age and gender.



• The recommendation appears to be for adults. I am not sure if this recommendation would apply to an infant or small child.


If the energy needs of the patient are known, then:


recommended daily fluid intake in mL =

= (1 mL per Kcal energy needs) + 500


Using the person's body weight:


recommended daily fluid intake in mL =

= (40 * (body weight in kilograms)) + 500


For persons with urinary retention, the need to be rehydrated to prevent constipation needs to be balanced with the need to pass more urine.


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