The recommended daily intake of vitamin D is currently a topic of much discussion and may undergo significant change in the next few years.


Age of the Patient

Current Recommended Daily Intake

<= 70 years

400 IU (10 µg)

> 70 years

600 IU (15 µg)


Many researchers feel that this intake is inadequate to meet physiologic needs and should be increased. Future recommendations may be 10-times higher than current levels (up to 10,000 IU per day). Potential benefits include fewer fractures in the elderly and improved immune function.


The vitamin D content of most foods is low.


Significant sources of vitamin D are:

(1) fish

(2) fortified foods (milk, margarine, orange juice)

(3) dietary supplements



Serving Size

Vitamin D per Serving


1 cup

98 IU

baked herring

3 ounces

1,775 IU

baked salmon

3 ounces

238 IU

canned tuna

3 ounces

136 IU


1 ounce

77 IU

raisin bran cereal

0.75 cup

42 IU

pork sausage

1 ounce

31 IU

egg yolk


25 IU


total daily intake of vitamin D in IU =

= cumulative SUM((number of servings per day) * (amount of vitamin D per serving)) + (vitamin D in dietary supplements)


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