A pediatric patient with a solitary kidney needs to avoid activities that may cause trauma to that kidney. Wu and Gaines reviewed causes of significant trauma to solitary kidneys. The authors are from Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.


Patient selection: pediatric patient with solitary kidney


Activities with highest risk to the kidney:

(1) all terrain vehicle

(2) dirt bike

(3) any activity with higher risk for a deceleration injury


Activities with moderate risk:

(1) organized contact sports (football, basketball, hockey, soccer) without protective gear

(2) pickup games with contact potential

(3) bicycling

(4) sledding, skiing or snowboarding

(5) horseback riding


Activities with low risk:

(1) organized contact sports (football, basketball, hockey, soccer) with protective gear


Activities with lowest risk:

(1) noncontact sports


A pediatric patient wishing to participate in a contact, collision or limited contact sport should first be evaluated by a physician. The location of the kidney and its vulnerability to trauma should be assessed.


A patient need not be excluded from many activities if the risk of renal damage is low and protective equipment is worn.


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