Tran and Anand proposed regimens of oral antiplatelet drugs for patients with stable coronary artery disease. Effective oral antiplatelet therapy can help reduce ischemic events in these patients.



(1) initial choice of oral antiplatelet therapy

(2) occurrence of TIA or stroke

(3) occurrence of an acute coronary syndrome (ACS)


Initial choice of oral antiplatelet therapy can either be:

(1) aspirin

(2) clopidogrel


Factors that may be considered in initial choice:

(1) allergic reactions to aspirin

(2) cost

(3) aspirin resistance


Indications for switching to aspirin + clopidogrel:

(1) TIA/stroke

(2) acute coronary syndrome

Exception: initial drug aspirin and TIA/stroke (see below)


Alternatives to aspirin + clopidogrel:


Initial Drug

Subsequent Disorder

Alternative Drug





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