The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) recommended nutritional intake for a patient with a pressure ulcer.


Daily Minimum Recommendation

total caloric intake

30 to 35 Kcal per kg body weight

protein intake

1.0 to 1.5 gram per kg body weight

fluid intake

1 mL per kcal per day


The minimum caloric and protein intake is for a bedridden patient. A patient who is active or who has a serious illness will require a higher level of intake.


If the patient has a decubitus and the wound drains significant fluid, then additional protein and fluid intake is required to compensate for losses.


Yamamoto et al found that patients with a total daily intake < 20 kcal per kg did not improve or worsened. Patients with intake > 30 kcal per day improved or healed and showed improved levels of serum albumin.


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