Pons-Guiraud listed a number of recommendations for managing a patient with sensitive skin. The author is from Hopital Saint Louis in Paris.



(1) soaps

(2) formulations with fragrances

(3) hair products with irritating tensio-active surfactants

(4) skin cleansing and exfoliating masks

(5) products containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), retinaldehyde or tretinoin

(6) any product that causes burning or discomfort

(7) drinking alcohol in excess

(8) foods (spices, coffee, etc) if they increase skin irritation



(1) products made for “sensitive skin”

(2) moisturizing creams with a mild texture or even cold creams



(1) apply the smallest possible number of cosmetic products (minimize)

(2) use non-rinsing cleansing lotions or spring water spritzers

(3) gently pat skin dry with a paper towel (minimize rubbing)

(4) reapply creams several times a day if environment hot, air conditioned or low humidity

(5) protect skin from temperature changes, wind, sun, and heat

(6) treat depression and anxiety if present


If the interventions result in improvement:

(1) wait for 3-6 months

(2) slowly start to reintroduce cosmetic products, one every two weeks and observe the patient

(3) observe the patient for recurrence of symptoms


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