A drug vial that is entered more than once is at increased risk for becoming contaminated by bacteria. Mattner and Gastmeier made a number of recommendations to reduce this risk.



(1) Enforce hand hygiene for anyone handling the vials, including use of alcohol hand sanitizers.

(2) Disinfect the port prior to entry and keep it clean.

(3) Observe the manufacturer's recommendations.

(4) Store the vial at an appropriate temperature (as outlined in the manufacturer's recommendations).

(5) Record opening time on the vial.

(6) Avoid multiple use of a vial that does not contain a preservative.


Additional steps to consider:

(1) Inspect the vial prior to use. Do not use if discolored or if a precipitate is present.

(2) Use only sterile solutions for reconstitution, handling them the same way as the drug vial (above).

(3) Monitor conditions of refigerator storage.

(4) Establish a time when a vial is to be pitched once open.

(5) Do not use a vial past its expiration date.


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