Degloving injuries of the extremities or torso need to be carefully managed initially and observed until fully healed.


The first step is to determine the viability of the skin flap.

(1) Any necrotic, devascularized or mangled tissue needs to be debrided.

(2) Any skin on debrided tissue that is viable should be used for skin grafts. Any unused skin should be saved for future use.


The next step is to treat the injury:

(1) provide total coverage with full or split thickness skin grafts

(2) immobilize the skin grafts and any fractures.


The final step is to closely observe the area daily

(1) for signs of infection

(2) for areas requiring further debridement

(3) for signs of a compartment syndrome

(4) for areas where skin grafts have not taken and need to be replaced


Additional therapy:

(1) Provide tetanus prophylaxis.

(2) Antibiotic therapy is often not necessary for a clean, isolated degloving injury.

(3) Interventions to improve the cosmetic appearance.


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