A pediatric patient who has become dehydrated in association with gastroenteritis can often be rehydrated by drinking a suitable oral rehydration solution. The authors are from University of Nottingham, Pinderfields General Hospital and Maudsley Hospital in England.


Patient selection: pediatric patient dehydrated from acute gastroenteritis


Goal: rehydration with oral rehydration solution (Electrolade, Diocalm Junior, Dioralyte, etc)


Time frame for oral rehydration: 4 hours



(1) body weight in kilograms

(2) percent dehydration (from 0 to 50)

(3) vomiting

(4) ability to rehydrate orally

Degree of Dehydration

Dose Oral Solution in mL

3 to 8% (mild to moderate)

30-80 * (body weight)

>= 9% (severe)

100 * (body weight)



• The oral solution dose for mild to moderate dilution can be approximated by (percent) * 10 ( (weight).


General instructions:

(1) Give the fluid in small amounts often.

(2) If the child is vomiting then reduce volume and increase frequency.

(3) If the parents or child are unable to have sufficient fluid intake, then rehydrate using a nasogastric tube.


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