Revaccination with a second dose of the pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for certain individuals.

Age of Patient

Time Since Last Dose

Additional Condition

<= 10 years of age

>= 3 years

one or more risk factors

11 – 64 years of age

>=5 years

one or more risk factors

>= 65 years of age

>= 5 years

one or more risk factors, or

first dose before age 65


Risk factors:

(1) asplenia or splenic dysfunction. Asplenia may be anatomic (congenital or post-splenectomy) or functional (sickle cell disease, etc).

(2) immunocompromised or organ transplant

(3) chronic renal failure

(4) nephrotic syndrome


The need for more than a single revaccination is unclear at this time and is not routinely recommended.


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