Chyluria involves release of chyle from lymphatics directly into the urine. This can occur rarely with trauma or tumors, but it is most often seen in patients with filariasis. Proper precautions can reduce long term complications.


General dietary recommendations:

(1) Eliminate as much fat as possible from the diet. Foods containing medium-chain triglycerides are permitted in small amounts.

(2) Drinking plenty of fluids.


During periods of gross chyluria minimize exertion and increased intra-abdominal pressure:

(3) Resting as much as possible.

(4) Not lifting heavy objects.

(5) Not climbing stairs.


The patient should consult with their health care provider if:

(1) The chyluria persists for more than 30 days or if it recurs frequently despite adherence to recommendations.

(2) Hematuria with clots is present.

(3) Fever occurs.

(4) The patient loses weight or feels tired.


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