A patient with asthma may experience a severe episode if certain conditions that interfere with prompt and appropriate care.


Reasons why a patient may have problems managing an asthma attack:

(1) home all alone

(2) lack of a telephone

(3) lack of a means of transportation

(4) unable to contact healthcare provider

(5) unable to call for an ambulance

(6) worried about the cost of getting care

(7) lack of asthma medications

(8) lack of knowledge (including lack of an asthma plan) or inappropriate beliefs

(9) inappropriate advice

(10) panic

(11) concerns about missing work or leaving family

(12) poor perception of dyspnea

(13) other acute illness

(14) intoxication

(15) physical disabilities

(16) mental illness

(17) traveling

(18) disaster situation


The presence of one or more of these problems can cause a simple asthma episode to get out of control.


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