A rush to judgment refers to hurried judicial process where due process and other rules are not followed. This can have serious consequences if one or more errors were made.


Reasons why there may be a rush to judgment:

(1) Someone in charge is being pressured to resolve a problem and need a scapegoat.

(2) Someone in charge wants closure on the situation without there being too much scrutiny.

(3) Someone in charge feels fairly certain that the defendant is guilty.

(4) Someone in charge is biased and want the defendant to be guilty.

(5) One or more people in charge are lacking in knowledge about the situation.

(6) One or more people in charge are impulsive or lack discipline.

(7) One or more people in charge are sociopathic or cynical and are not bothered by harming someone who might be innocent.

(8) Someone in charge is trying to make a name for himself/herself and will use any means necessary to further his/her career.


Example: vigilante group


Comorbid conditions:

(1) coaching of witnesses

(2) fabrication of evidence

(3) withholding of key evidence


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