The RMNE (Random Male Not Excluded) is a value calculated along with the Paternity Index (PI) in evaluation of paternity. It is an indicator of the probability that a random, unrelated male from the same racial background would not be excluded as a potential father of the child.


The exclusion value (E) excludes all males who do not have the paternal allele on either chromosome.


exclusion value (E) =

= ((1 – (frequency of paternal allele in the appropriate population))^2)


RMNE for a particular allele =

= (1 – E)


cumulative RMNE =

= PRODUCT(RMNE for all the alleles)


percent of random males not excluded =

= (cumulative RMNE) * 100%


percent of random males excluded =

= 100% – (percent not excluded)



• The goal is to get the percent of random males excluded > 99.99%. If this has not been achieved with testing done, then additional testing needs to be performed.


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