Cueva Galarraga reported a formula that can be used to determine the volume of fluid to infuse during an outpatient liposuction session. The author is from Clinica Club de Leones Quito Central in Ecuador.

The infusate is infused into subcutaneous tissue at the target aspiration sites. The total infiltrate volume is then divided into aliquots proportionate to a body region's body surface area.


Relative composition of infusate:

(1) 1000 mL of lactated Ringer's solution

(2) 1 mL of adrenaline 1:1000

(3) 5 mL of sodium bicarbonate 8.4%

(4) 8 mL lidocaine 2%



(1) body weight in kilograms

(2) percentage of body surface for liposuction (using liposuction table)


total infiltrate volume in mL =

= (weight) * (percent body surface area) * 2.4


Constraints on single liposuction session as an outpatient procedure:

(1) maximum total infiltrate volume approximately 5,000 mL

(2) maximum aspiration volume 4,500 mL (fat and fluid)

(3) approximate maximum body surface area for liposuction 30% (for 69 kg adult)


The limit on volumes is intended to avoid problems related to overhydration.

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